San Francisco and Oakland Commercial hot water Power washing

Pressure Washing Safety
January 2, 2020

San Francisco and Oakland Commercial hot water Power washing

When doing commercial work there are a lot of things that a skilled technician will automatically plan for when power washing sidewalks, drive-thru, dumpster enclosures, shopping centers, parking garages or many of the other industries we provide services to.

Since San Francisco and Oakland fast food restaurants are so busy always serving patrons, power washing on a regular basis is important.

We’ve found that it’s very important to have adequate lighting for both quality reasons as well as creating the safe workspace. First things first, setting up the safety cones and creating a safe work environment, no matter what if somebody gets hurt during the job it’s not good for anybody. Next would be to locate the water and begin a work path. First the concrete must be wet before any detergents or degreasers are put on, this allows for optimal results. After the entire area has been pre wet then we go back and put our solution on the same area. It’s important to only work in a specific area that can be cleaned during that areas wet time. Meaning that you don’t want to go so far ahead where the surface dries up behind you before you can come and do your final cleaning. This is impo

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