Pressure Washing Safety

When Pressure washing there are many things to consider when it comes to safety for you and any people passing by, you may or may not be aware of. Because Pressure washing is so broadly used for many aspects of home and building maintenance this topic is large in nature, we will focus on a few thing here, by no means does this article cover all hazards and safety precautions available. We are simply sharing our experiences and starting the conversation please do feel free to add to the discussion or ask as many questions as needed.

When cleaning the ground for general maintenance with a power washer either it be commercial grade or home use the machine thats being used is to create higher than normal pressure to clean things with. this in itself brings in the need for some basic understanding like never point the end at any person or thing thats not the focus of cleaning. the machine will create higher than normal noise levels, as will the high pressure being released from the gun as your spraying. To remedy this ear protection is highly recommended with the use of all equipment . In addition there will be debris in the air and around where you'r spraying the high pressure that often times will fly back in your face. Eye protection is a must prior to the use of this equipment and it should be the correct eye protection, if working at night or evening or in dark places clear safety glasses must be worn and in the day if its sunny and there are glares, polarized sunglasses are great we have found. In addition long pants a sturdy leather shoe and longsleve shirt.These are a few very basic things to consider for personal protective equipment while doing the work, now we will go into simple pratices to create a safe work space for others.

The most important measure is scheduling the job to be done at the rite time. Pressure washing task should be completed when there will be the least amount of people around. Commercial accounts are serviced at night so there is little potential for foot traffic. lighting is a great indicator there is something going on and will allow anyone walking by to see whats happening and move away from the work. Cones are a great way to let people know work . is being done and can be used to create a alternative path outside the distance the debris will fly. In extreme cases backboards can be used to shield the water from splashing outside of a controlled pressure washing blast area. In most cases body position spraying away from the potential and coning or cautioning tape off the area is the fastest best practice to use.


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