Intention Is the word of the week

Here at Professional Powerwashing Maintenance have chosen to elect a word of the week. This word is chosen by the entire team collectively and just after we all huddle spending 3-5 minutes discussing our weekend. We feel this provides a deeper connection with all members as well as opens the floor to anyone in need of uplifting or some want to uplift naturally. In addition it leaves us all with a word we can all build our truth around in our actions life and interactions with clients family and peers, hopefully helping foster a healthy environment for growth.

One might ask what does all this have to do with power washing or cleaning our buildings or residents? I would respond with great question, we believe power washing is an extension of how we live and plan on a daily basis, so we believe in creating a culture that reflects that. While were power washing or providing gutter cleaning services we will do it with the intentions of being the best at each and every task we preform. We also have intentions to provide you with the best customer experience from start to finish. Professional Powerwashing Maintenance has intentions this week with being the absolute best exterior cleaning solutions provider available on the market, were set out to do this with meticulous planing goal setting and actions based from intention.

We hope to meet you while on this path, however do not fret next week will come and we will have a new word of the week follow us on social media or here, thanks.


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