Professional Power Washing and Maintenance: A Company you can Trust

Excellent Service Every Time – This is what we strive to provide! We are committed towards being the best when it comes to pressure washing in San Francisco, Oakland, Bay Area, and in the surrounding areas.

Our goal is to deliver 100% satisfaction all the time, prompting our customers to recommend us and book our services again in the future. If you need professional washing service, get in touch with us today, and we’ll let you know what we can do to extend a helping hand. At all times, expect that our service will surpass expectations.

A Wide Array of Services

At Professional Power Washing and Maintenance, we take pride in being able to offer a variety of services in San Francisco, Oakland, and Bay Area. Whether you are a residential or commercial client, regardless of how small or big the job is, you can expect that we will be able to complete it. Some of the power washing services that we provide includes graffiti removal, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, and side walk cleaning, among others. Let us know the pressure cleaning service that you need and we’ll find a way to get the job done.

A Team of Competent Individuals

To provide you with the highest level of satisfaction, we have invested heavily in our workforce. We have the right people for the job providing you with the assurance that every power washing job will be successfully carried out. Our people are thoroughly screened and are provided on-going training. This keeps them updated about the latest trends in the industry and the know-how that will be relevant in the performance of their work. They are prompt, professional, and courteous. They can accomplish their work in a timely manner and assure the highest quality of the output.

Making Use of Advanced Technology While we have the best people, we believe that they will not suffice. Their competency should be complemented with the use of innovative equipment. With this, we have also invested in our tools, making sure that they will be able to tackle even the toughest jobs. Our roster of equipment keeps on growing. They are updated from time to time, depending on the trends in the industry.

Affordable Price, Exceeding Expectations

If you need power washing services, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today! We offer competitive rates, giving you a good reason to choose us above all others. Best of all, we guarantee your highest level of satisfaction. We have the right people and the best equipment to tackle every exterior cleaning job. You will surely be more than happy with the services that we will provide.

Contact us to know more about the services we offer. You won’t be disappointed with our work – this is what we can assure you!

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Our Team

Brandon M Cody
Brandon M Cody
Founder & CEO
Hilary Bruckert
Hilary Bruckert
District Manager
Josh Willburgh
Josh Willburgh
Pro Power Washer


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